On duty with a response team!

Pictures are at the end of this blog :)!

I finished work at 23:00 on Sunday evening; I knew I wouldn’t sleep much when I got home, I was far too excited. Why was I excited you might be wondering? Well… I’d been given an amazing opportunity; I’d been given permission to go out with a Police Response Team! I got two hours sleep that night!

06:00 arrived & I was up, ready & waiting to leave by 06:30, with half an hour to wait, the excitement & nerves were building, I was beginning to feel sick, I was more nervous about meeting Alec than going out with him! I got to the station for 07:45, fifteen minutes of waiting outside didn’t help ease the nerves, I seriously debated about digging into the pile of goodies I’d taken along for everyone, in the end I thought better of it, after all I didn’t want to get into trouble!

I waited for what felt like an eternity for Alec to come get me – if you intentionally made me wait, I hope you found it amusing, I certainly didn’t :-P! – Every time the door opened I’d jump. Then I hear “Tracy?” I think I squeaked a nervous “Hi!” We went upstairs; I had forms to sign. We had to wait till about 10:00 to go out as we had to wait for Laura; she was tied up with an arrest she’d made earlier on the morning (great job by the way Laura). While waiting I was given a tour of the station, I met a lot of officers along the way (all of whom were very kind & wished me luck in applying to become a Police Officer, the good luck wishes mean so much, thank you guys). I got to try Alec’s riot gear! His PSU & beat duty helmet, & his stab vest (which I point blankly refused to give back!) I got to throw out the baton (that was fun, there’s a kick to it when you do it – it gave me a little adrenaline rush), I also got cuffed, yes he cuffed me… I’d done nothing wrong either, I was completely innocent!

Alec made me & Laura a cuppa (he makes a good cuppa just so you all know!) after that we got sorted to go out. I got to ride shot gun (if only for a few minutes) I got to press the nee-naw button & put the lights on!! It’s… so… much… fun!! Then I got to change the siren tone (I was like a kid in a candy shop, haha!) I had to get in the back after that as we were leaving. We drove round the area, attended a call but it was AIO so we carried on. We talked, well they talked I listened, my mind had gone blank, I couldn’t think of any questions to ask, I was happy listening to them talk candidly about the job.

Time was ticking on & it seemed like I wasn’t going to get a zero call (highest priority, emergency call). Now…. Anyone who knows the Police knows the ‘q’ word (Q U I E T) must never be said, even if you’re joking it shouldn’t be said, so guess who went & said it 3 yes 3 times? Alec! He wanted me to experience a blue light run so happily said it. It worked! We got two! The first was cancelled fairly quickly, not the second one though, it was quite a way away…

What a rush, legally driving above the speed limit (I’d like to point out here Alec is a brilliant driver), the adrenaline was pumping, I was excited! Not nervous or scared just excited. It was better than I thought it would be. When you see the blue light runs on TV, it looks smooth, calm almost… It’s not, it’s fast.. It’s bumpy.. I got ragged about, I think I actually pulled my seat belt tighter, I knew I was safe & I trust Alec 100%, something just made me pull it tighter! I was kept updated on the way & was told to stand outside the car when we got there, Alec would update me when he could. I watched as they dealt with the incident, thinking how professional, calm & courteous they were. Alec came over after a few minutes to tell me what had happened.

What I noticed on the way to the call was the amount of people that won’t or don’t move out the way for the Police even if it’s safe to do so, if there’s blue flashing lights & a siren coming towards you, MOVE, DON’T block them. In my head I was screaming “move out of the way”.

We left a short time after that, as our time was coming to an end so we headed back, Alec & Laura were set to go on refs, I’d already told Alec I was buying them their lunch, after a little bit of arguing I bought their lunches for them. (I work in a fast food restaurant so I get discounted meals) the looks off MOP’s was hilarious. Yes I was with a cop. Yes we were getting lunch, what’s weird about that?! I got dropped off at the station & had just enough time to have a commemorative photo with Alec. When I went to leave the gate wouldn’t open (much to my joy, I didn’t want to leave I’d of happily stayed all day, Alec probably wanted rid of me by this point though!). We ended up going all the way round the station so I could get out! I gave Alec a probably unexpected hug, thanked him for the 1000th time & left.

That was it, the best day I’d ever had was over in what seemed like a flash, I was on a high! I got my lunch then dropped a card at the station before heading home. I was on cloud nine all day I really was, the insight I’d been given was amazing, I reassured myself on Monday that I want to become a Police officer & I won’t stop till I achieve it. With the support & from Alec, other local Police Officers & the Police of Twitter I know I’ll succeed!

I am very grateful to Alec for agreeing to be my chaperone & to Laura for her advice, words of wisdom & pointers.

From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU ❤

Me & Alec


My first blog (hopefully it’ll publish!)

Evening all,

Hope y’all are well :).

This is going to be short & sweet as i’ve done a 17+ hour day on 2 hours sleep & it’s kinda caught up with me. It’s been such an insanely awesome day, i forgot to take my tablets! (more on what they’re for at a later date :).

Why was my day insanely awesome you may be asking? Well……. I’ll tell you tomorrow. I’m off to try to get some shut eye.

Goodnight & if you’re out there protecting us, have a safe shift & thank you <3.

Until tomorrow guys..

Much love x